Zeichnerei Kull: The Long Night of Illustration

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the German Illustrators Organisation a huge Open House event was taking place on the 31st of August 2012:
in the Long Night of Illustration (Die Lange Nacht der Illustration) more than 40 artist studios presented their works all over Berlin.
So did „Drawery Kull“ („Zeichnerei Kull“) with four illustrators in all:
me – Heidi Kull, Anna Hybsier (Comic Artist), Peter Pfeiffer (Children Book Artist) and Maike Biederstaedt (Pop Up Book Artist).
We had a great time and welcomed about 120 visitors in that night.

Here are some impressions…

 Window Decoration with Maike Biederstaedt’s Pop Up Viking Ship

Warming up by drawing with the first guests

Anna still drawing while guests watch the exhibition

Our youngest visitor –  fascinated by Maike’s Pop Up Christmas Tree

Anna explaining her drawing technique

Maike (right) in conversation with a guest

Visitor studying Peter’s Children Book Art

Anna, me, Peter and Maike

2D and 3D demonstration (click for the animated Gif)

Autor: Heidi Kull

Ich arbeite als freiberufliche Illustratorin und Animatorin in der Zeichnerei Kull, Berlin.

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