1952: Der Fall Walter Linse aus Kindersicht

Skizzen zu einem aktuellen Doku-Projekt über ein Kinderleben im zerbombten Berlin der 50er Jahre, das ich in Zusammenarbeit mit dem 70jährigen Autor Norbert Wollschläger erstelle.

Die Entführung des Rechtsanwalts Walter Linse aus dem amerikanischen Sektor von Berlin in die DDR war 1952 einer der dramatischsten Zwischenfälle im Kalten Krieg, an der auch die 6 Kinder unserer Geschichte lebhaften Anteil nahmen…

Skizze zum Fall Walter Linse, 1952
Kraushaar-Karin 1952


3_6Kids1952_SkizzeHKUnd hier noch das Probebild „Krümel vor der Sektorengrenze, 1952“:

Krümel vor der Sektorengrenze, 1952

End-of-year thoughts…

Left Berlin for spending Christmas in Athens and using the last days of 2014 to think about some New Year’s resolutions for 2015.
One of them is to do either a total relaunch of this blog or to definitively terminate it.

Inspired by the book „Show your work!“ by Austin Kleon I hope to be able to transform this blog into a more „work-in-progress-show“ at a regular basis…
Well, we’ll see about that.
For the time being: merry christmas and have a good new year!


Ines – Haircutting Sketches

Last week I visited my favourite hairdresser, Ines, at her home to get a new haircut.

We had that private session because Ines was fired by her former boss and was in some kind of interim state between jobs.
As she’s going to work in a new barbershop soon I got the idea to do a drawing as a gift for her new work location.

Here’s the documentation of the work in progress so far:

1) The first sketches I and the main sketch I did in Manga Studio

Haircutting Sketch 1

2) For the colouring I tried an unsusal dark skin tone that reminds me a bit of 40ies illustrations or B-Movies. The hair colour I left out. Found it looked quite interesting with the white hair…

3) then I went a bit further in photoshop where I did some blending mode tests and ended with „overlay“