Was einen guten Trainer ausmacht


Ursprünglich habe ich diese Story für einen befreundeten Trainer als Comic-Postkarte konzipiert.

Visual Storytelling

Dann habe ich bei LinkedIn „slideshare“ entdeckt und es mit den einzelnen Bildern mal ausprobiert…

[slideshare id=58348756&doc=gutertrainerslideshare-160216231245&w=599&h=487]

Hulk in Manga Studio

„Manga Studio EX 4“ is my favourite drawing application. I just wish they wouldn’t have called it Manga Studio for the American and European market but left it’s original Japanese name „Comic Studio“.
Besides its misleading name it’s a great tool for all kind of comic or pop art drawings. It’s a really intuitive tool with great drawing features like stroke-in and stroke-out and a line-drawing correction that helps to avoid shakeiness. And if you choose to draw in vector mode you have a lot of control over your your artwork.

I did these Hulk drawings in Manga Studio.

The hand detail shows how a line can intuitively be manipulated – without any bezier handles like for example in illustrator…