Neue Dichter Animationen – New Animations: German Poets

Für die Dokumentarfilmreihe “Dichter Dran!” (Schulfernsehen, WDR) habe ich in Zusammenarbeit mit Florianfilm (Köln) mehr als 20 animierte Illustrationen zu 6 deutschsprachigen Dichtern erstellt.

Here’s what I have done during the last three months:- you might need a little patience for the Videos to appear –

Sample: Friedrich Schiller Animation

Angry Friedrich Schiller throwing a book…


Die Poeten waren: Franz Kafka, Thomas Mann, J. W. Goethe, Friedrich Schiller, Heinrich Heine und Irmgard Keun.

When I started the animations I was still working with Flash.

But it it soon became clear that I needed to enhance my usual technique (which is a mix of digital cutout animation and partial frame-by-frame animation) with the help of a better and more flexible program. So I did most of the animations with the program “Anime Studio” (by Smithmicro who also sells Manga Studio).

Here are small Video samples of my favourite characters (the original sizes are 1920x1080px). I will show more samples soon…

Sample: Johann Wolfgang Goethe sitting in the Campagna, searching for ‘Tauris’

Sample: The aged Goethe realizing that ‘Tauris’ can’t be found…

(All artwork and animations by Heidi Kull)