The next theme that occured my mind was the C-Boy theme.
It’s about these skinny „Emo“-like teenage boys.
I call them C-Boys when they stand like like a „C“…

In the anatomy sketches I tried to exxagerate the pose.
When I realized that the guy looked like an old man I searched for some skinny guy photos.
But the I couldn’t find a photo of a „C“-pose…
So these sketches are put here to remind me that I should work this out.
Or maybe do a series: „Fat guys – skinny guys“…?


Fat guy, tough guy

fat guy, tough guy drawing tests

I did some comic drawing tests with this guy. First he was supposed to be just a very fat guy.
But then he more and more got into a tough guy.
I stopped drawing after I tried some children motifs for his tattoos and a pinkish background.
Looked too ridiculous for the moment, so I restored him into this sketch.

But I think I should keep the idea in mind for a later try…


I am living and working as a freelence illustrator in Berlin-Kreuzberg, near Oranienplatz.
My office is in a former bakery with a nice old tile floor.
I call it „Zeichnerei Kull“ (Kull Drawery), because providing a service of illustration often feels more like beeing a craftsperson than an artist.
I really love my working place and the neighbourhood and I guess most of my time I spent here.

But sometimes having a little office facing the street can lead to really annoying encounters one could do well without.
Like on that Sunday night, when my office’s door window was smashed by some… well, some whoever… I had no idea who had done it.

Until next morning when I spotted the broken windows of two shops in my neighbourhood. I read that there had been several right-wing attacks against alternative/left-winged places in Kreuzberg.

Compared to the big shop windows of the other shops my broken door window was a fairly minor attack. Propably just smashed when passing by. And maybe because I had hung up this rainforest donation certificate with the toucan on it…


Left: The glazier puts in a new glass – it’s a safety glass now
Right: the provisional covering I did in the night of the window attack

Day 1

Why english? – you are german, some may ask.
Well, I really felt like doing this in english, because most of the influences and creative inspiration that brought me here, was by films, comics and books in english.
Besides I hope it gives me the freedom to keep track of a less limited approach to my creative roots…