In march I spent a lot of time in a deeplinking relaunch of my flash website

What’s new, what did change?
At a first glance nothing. My flash website looks the same as before.
But the big difference is that now users are able to use the back and forward buttons in the browser or even get access to a specific site by typing or pasting in the URL of my flashsite.
And last but not least this means an improved Search Engine Optimization for Flash, too.
Which wasn’t possible for years and was THE big draw back of flash.

But now each time you browse to a new ‘page’ within the Flash movie, the URL in the browser window changes. And each of the URLs is bookmarkable, and will take you directly to the exact content instead of the front page of the site.


The next theme that occured my mind was the C-Boy theme.
It’s about these skinny „Emo“-like teenage boys.
I call them C-Boys when they stand like like a „C“…

In the anatomy sketches I tried to exxagerate the pose.
When I realized that the guy looked like an old man I searched for some skinny guy photos.
But the I couldn’t find a photo of a „C“-pose…
So these sketches are put here to remind me that I should work this out.
Or maybe do a series: „Fat guys – skinny guys“…?


Fat guy, tough guy

fat guy, tough guy drawing tests

I did some comic drawing tests with this guy. First he was supposed to be just a very fat guy.
But then he more and more got into a tough guy.
I stopped drawing after I tried some children motifs for his tattoos and a pinkish background.
Looked too ridiculous for the moment, so I restored him into this sketch.

But I think I should keep the idea in mind for a later try…

Fat Guy