Into the third dimension: Touch and feel

An experimental lesson in blind drawing

Sometimes my drawing pupils have great difficulties in the comprehension of three-dimensionality.

Of course we always practice the tool set we do have for achieving three-dimensionality within a a two-dimensional drawing.
As there are e.g. shadow and light – of course – or in a pure line drawing (where we don’t block explicit shadow areas) the variation of line weights for modelling the object’s spatial dimensions. Which of course needs a lot of practice…

But interestingly at some point I realized that the difficulty was not only in applying that knowledge,
but generally to perceive an object’s three-dimensionality.

So I came up with the “Touch and Feel” drawing idea:  I wanted them to  experience an object`s three-dimensionality by not seeing – only by touching – it.

I gave them a plastic bag with an unknown object in it and told them to put their left hand into the bag to explore the item inside and meanwhile draw what they touched and felt.

Here are the results of the blind “Touch and Feel” Drawings – the models were little Cow Figurines (by Schleich)…

Touch and Feel Drawing: Cow1
Drawn as felt


Drawn as Seen: Cow1
Drawn as seen
The model: A Cow Figurine by Schleich

Cow Model Figurine

Cow Model Figurine







Touch and Feel Drawing: Cow 2
Drawn as felt
Drawn as seen: Cow 2
Drawn as seen
The model: A black and white Cow by Schleich

Schleich Cow Figurine

Schleich Cow Figurine

Touch and Feel Drawing: Cow 3
Drawn as felt


Drawn as Seen: Cow 3
Drawn as seen

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