Animation sequence for „You belong to us“ (doc film)

This an animation sequence I did for a documentary about an alternative regional school („You belong to us“), a Low-Budget-film by Hella Wenders (dffb) that is still work in progress.

I usually am willing to work for No-(or Low) Budget projects if I’m interested in the theme. And if it gives me the opportunity to put in my own ideas and style.
Unfortunately I was a bit unhappy with the aesthetic decision of the director, who decided against the packing paper look – which was the look I preferred most.

Packing Paper Look

The director suggested a squared paper instead of the packing paper. And so – as a compromise – we found this:

And here’s the animation:

Autor: Heidi Kull

Ich arbeite als freiberufliche Illustratorin und Animatorin in der Zeichnerei Kull, Berlin.

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