Dies ist der Blog der Zeichnerei Kull, den ich ab 2015 vorwiegend in deutscher Sprache führe.
Hier geht es weniger um fertige Werke als um die Themen und Arbeitsprozesse, die mich als Zeichnerin, Illustratorin und Animatorin aktuell beschäftigen.

Meine Homepage mit Illustrationen und Animationen aus meinem Berufsalltag ist zu finden unter:, und

Inspired by the book „Show your work!“ by Austin Kleon I decided to transform this blog into a more „work-in-progress-show“ at a regular basis and therefore switch to german as main language (but add english translation as well).

Still my Drawery Blog is all about drawing and creativity and will be dedicated to all kinds of drawing topics that occur the blog artist’s mind and to all people – who already are or intend to be – seriously involved in drawing.

Besides stories of my workaday life as an illustrator in Berlin-Kreuzberg,
my blog covers all kinds of drawing issues that interest me and that I would like to communicate about:
Stuff like drawing inspiration, education, animation, technical issues and tips on drawing.

PS: Speaking of communication, regrettably I had to restrain the comment feature because of too much spam comments.
But nevertheless it’s still possible to write a comment – and I do love to get them!
I have just added a little delay that holds your comment entry in a queue until I have approved it.

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