A Picklet experience

In August I got to know Stewart Haines, an australian web developper who is the creator of a publishing platform for apps called „Picklets“:


I met him at the Berlin Illustrators regulars‘ table, where he introduced his „Picklet Builder“ web application that is made to enable independent authors to create and publish digital picture books to readers on iPhone and iPad.

Although Picklets offer only very limited animation options (simple layer motions, no sound) and primary are based on the user browsing through stacks of panels, I wanted to give it a try and see if – by dealing with these limitations – I possibly could develop some interesting content.

Here are some screenshots of my first approach with some educational „Learning Muscles“ content. I designed the muscles in singular moveable layers.

The Motion is driven by the reader who moves a visible (or invisible) slider at the bottom of the iPhone’s (or iPad’s) screen:






As I was not quite satisfied with my muscles Picklet test, next I wanted to give telling a simple story a try.

Here’s a filmed version showing the „Chicken“ Picklet’s animation:

Last but not least I edited and prepared my first „Berlin XX“ Comic for a more ambitious kind of Picklet story.

My plan was to let follow two more episodes and thus produce a real sales value.

Here’s another filmed documentation of the final Comic Picklet in the testing environment:



But after having tested all these Picklets, I found both the workflow of the Picklet Builder and the results I could produce much too limited – compared to the Flash features I’m used to.

And as there is an interesting new progression towards new Flash-Apps possibilities going on, I stopped any further Picklet activities…

Autor: Heidi Kull

Ich arbeite als freiberufliche Illustratorin und Animatorin in der Zeichnerei Kull, Berlin.

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