The new Drawery Pinboard

As my office, the “Kull Drawery” previously used to be a bakery it also has this big shop window.
To delight my neighbours (and of course myself) I always used the window to exhibit drawings and sketches by artists I like and whose work is close to mine.

Up to the present I never displayed my own drawings – just because the office never had this much been a place where potential clients come by.
And a bit – I have to admit – I preferred to stay in the background and not having to explain too much questions like: What does this all mean?

But a new year has come and well… I changed my mind and decided to give it a try and put my own work in the window display.
To keep everything fresh and easily replacable, a friend of mine came up with a great “pin board'” idea: So we hung up selections of drawings with magnets…

Drawing lessons with Fatma II

Here’s a little update of Fatma’s (my thursday’s drawing pupil) progress:

It’s about two months now that I am working with Fatma on improving her drawing skills. Most of the time we spent on drawing people (especially faces). The main focus of my lessons is on proportion and the need of graphic perception.
Some day when I was looking through her home work I noticed something very interesting:
there was a persisting “quirk” that turned up in each of her face drawings: all right sides of them had a strong rightwards up distortion.

As she couldn’t make out the mistake herself I made a photo of her drawing and re-distorted the right half downwards like this:

As this quirk wasn’t the result of a wrong posture during drawing but seemed to be some however natured brain thing, I said: okay, let’s stop with drawing faces right here and do a little line exercise instead.
So I asked her to draw a straight horizontal line – and the same effect appeared: it went straight righwards up.
Next I did a straight line with ruler myself and she had to draw a set of ten, twelve lines close-by and parallel to it.
The rightwards-up effect remained the same: the whole block of horizontal lines became smaller on the right side of the paper.

We worked a lot on this – with a lot of boring line drawing sessions. But it was worth it, because it really got better, nearly faded totally.

We ended the year with a more satisfactory result by finishing a drawing based on a photography transferred on paper…