Drawing lessons with Fatma

Last month a woman was knocking at my drawery office door to ask if I offer drawing courses. I said no, I don’t – which resulted in quite a disappointment.

But when my visitor, Fatma, talked about her great desire to improve her drawing skills, I agreed to give her a trial lesson to see further.
Well, what shall I say, we got further and since that trial lesson day Fatma is my regular drawing pupil.

A lot of the drawing principles I’m teaching her are based on Betty Edwards (mainly for the perception of reality and and the ability to reproduce it on paper) and Andrew Loomis (mostly for drawing from mind).

And sometimes we do little little drawing games I made up to improve her skills to approach the basic forms of a model: I set up a pane of glass and either I’m the model myself or have a friend to pose in front of the glass pane and my pupil has to draw the model on the glass.

One nice bonus of this technique: if you use a non permanent felt pen you can do a print of the drawing by spraying a little water on the glass and then pressing a piece of paper on it for a mono print like this:

Addendum to SFX Necklace Animation

As in the first version there had been too much fume and the shadows had to be corrected, this was my latest line test of the stinking necklace falling down:

Unfortunately the scene wasn’t approved by the director – in addition he decided a major overhaul of the scene’s design.

I had started this whole SFX animation attempt as a test phase and at this point I had to realize that it took me to much time to be worth my while.
So I decided to quit my dabbling in SFX Animation for now and concentrate on illustration again.
Which – at the moment and broke as I am – is the better option to earn money.