The new Drawery Pinboard

As my office, the „Kull Drawery“ previously used to be a bakery it also has this big shop window.
To delight my neighbours (and of course myself) I always used the window to exhibit drawings and sketches by artists I like and whose work is close to mine.

Up to the present I never displayed my own drawings – just because the office never had this much been a place where potential clients come by.
And a bit – I have to admit – I preferred to stay in the background and not having to explain too much questions like: What does this all mean?

But a new year has come and well… I changed my mind and decided to give it a try and put my own work in the window display.
To keep everything fresh and easily replacable, a friend of mine came up with a great „pin board'“ idea: So we hung up selections of drawings with magnets…

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