Gonzales – Head Turn Test with Anime Studio 10

The character’s name is Gonzales. With the rat „Carla“ (see left sketch) he belongs to a landmine detection team I named „Team Bogota“ in which he is the bodyguard of Carla.
I started to develop a story with these characters – either for Comic or animation.
The idea is inspired by the following article:

Another Innovative Landmine Detection Method:
Cat and Rat Teams

In Columbia, there are over 100,000 hidden landmines.
Columbian police had been using rats to sniff out hidden landmines, as the rodents have an excellent sense of smell (their detection rate is 96%) and are light enough that they don’t set off the explosives. However, those working with the rats encountered a serious problem – the effectiveness of the trained rats was reduced by their fear of predation.
The landmine detecting rats were taught to freeze when they encountered a mine, but the rodents were too afraid of attack to stand still. To make them less fearful of common predators, police began pairing them with friendly cats. The cats wear claw shields, and the unlikely pairs play together and establish friendships, reducing the rats’ fear of predation.

Team Bogota

Noch eine DichterInnen- Animation / more of the German Poets Project…

Noch eine DichterInnen-Animation: Irmgard Keun (‚Das kunstseidene Mädchen‘) auf der Zugfahrt nach Deutschland im Jahr 1940.
Sie liest eine Zeitung, die von ihrem eigenen Tod berichtet. Und da die Nazis sie für tot halten, fährt sie von Belgien zurück nach Deutschland…

Irmgard Keun (‚Das kunstseidene Maedchen‘) in the year 1940.
She is reading a newspaper announcing her own death. And as the Nazis suppose her to be dead she is taking a train back to Germany…