Hulk in Manga Studio

„Manga Studio EX 4“ is my favourite drawing application. I just wish they wouldn’t have called it Manga Studio for the American and European market but left it’s original Japanese name „Comic Studio“.
Besides its misleading name it’s a great tool for all kind of comic or pop art drawings. It’s a really intuitive tool with great drawing features like stroke-in and stroke-out and a line-drawing correction that helps to avoid shakeiness. And if you choose to draw in vector mode you have a lot of control over your your artwork.

I did these Hulk drawings in Manga Studio.

The hand detail shows how a line can intuitively be manipulated – without any bezier handles like for example in illustrator…


In march I spent a lot of time in a deeplinking relaunch of my flash website

What’s new, what did change?
At a first glance nothing. My flash website looks the same as before.
But the big difference is that now users are able to use the back and forward buttons in the browser or even get access to a specific site by typing or pasting in the URL of my flashsite.
And last but not least this means an improved Search Engine Optimization for Flash, too.
Which wasn’t possible for years and was THE big draw back of flash.

But now each time you browse to a new ‘page’ within the Flash movie, the URL in the browser window changes. And each of the URLs is bookmarkable, and will take you directly to the exact content instead of the front page of the site.